Render Softwashing & Treatment

If not cleaned regularly, the colour of the render will begin to fade as it is likely to become infected with algae, mosses, and lichens which can stain and ruin the appearance of a home or commercial building. Softwashing is a safe and eco-friendly way to remove organic matter and atmospheric pollution from exterior render. We use our low-pressure unit to gently clean render surfaces as high-pressure units can be too aggressive and cause long-term damage. Coupled with using our own cherry picker, we are able to offer an end-to-end softwashing solution, without the need for additional hire costs from third parties. So, why not call us now for a free quote?

Render Specialists

Whether you require repair for crumbling render or you are experiencing damp problems, we can help you. We can help make your property look like new again, working in a timely manner to smooth over any cracks or holes, or by softwashing your pre-coloured render. So, if you notice cracks on your external walls, call us for a free quote!

Cleaning Render with Softwashing

Is the render on your property beginning to fade or becoming discoloured due to weather conditions or air pollution? Then get in touch with Prism Decorating Ltd for quality render cleaning services in Exeter, the South West and beyond. We perform softwashing to remove stains on buildings caused by algae, moss, lichens, bacteria and more. This method renders any surface back to its natural state without harming the building’s substrate and whilst keeping its colour. To find out more, get in touch and we will offer you a free quotation. 

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